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The Best Tech Gift under 50 2020?

An Audible subscription might just be the answer at £47.99 for 6 months, this could be the best tech gift under 50

A couple of years ago, I questioned the value of audiobooks.

Listening to an audiobook on a device felt like cheating on a real book. I would often mock Joe for claiming to have “read” a book, when he had had it read to him.

Eventually, I gave in and signed up for a trial subscription and honestly… I have never looked back.

Here I will list why an Audible membership is the best Digital Christmas gift for 2020, and how to sign up.

I wish someone had gifted me a subscription a few years ago… but hey ho.

This post contains affiliate links, so I get a small amount of money if you sign up or purchase a gift using the links within this post. Audible is the platform I use to listen to audiobooks, I have tried others, and there are pros and cons, but over all Audible is my preferred platform.


Best tech gift under 50


Here are my 5 reasons in a nutshell,

for why you should gift a Audible membership, for those of you in a hurry

  1. Brilliant tool for Learning and Development
  2. Great for all ages
  3. Easy exchange… Swap any books that you do not love
  4. Correct pronunciation of character and place names
  5. Sync across all devices, never lose your place


1.Learning and Development

For years now learning and development has been a hot and growing topic. Skills have a diminishing shelf life; this has given rise to a continuous learning culture. Successful people read, there is no arguing this point, you can argue about what success is, but no matter how you define it, successful people read.

Audible has over 6000 titles when you search for the term “self-development”, The gift of an audio subscription is not only about stories, but it opens up a whole world of possibilities.

A Guardian article listed the

“Ten books that changed the world”

All the books on the list are available on Audible.

The independent wrote

“40 best books to read during lockdown”

All the books on the list are available on Audible.

Audible has over 200,000 books at the moment, but this is growing all the time.

Also from the guardian

“100 best books of the 21st century”

Also, all on Audible (was fun individually checking that)

I think you are probably getting the idea now, the Audible library is vast.

At £47.99 for 6 months, this could be the best tech gift under 50

The gift of an Audible subscription is a gift of untapped potential. This with the fact that you can swap books you are not happy with means that your giftee with definitely find something to pique their interest.

2.Great for all ages

Best tech gift under 50

An Audio subscription is not just for adults, as Audible has a huge range of children’s and young adults books. Children’s books make great bedtime stories as the voice actors really can bring the book to life. My son uses the audible Alexa skill for his echo dot. Even better if you also have a hard copy of the book, they can read along with the narrator. Of course this is no replacement for actual reading, but if you want to foster a love of book in children this is a great place to start.

Another reason why at £47.99 for 6 months, this could be the best tech gift under 50.

Read some of our audiobook reviews here Fantasy or sci-fi.


 3.Easy exchange

As mentioned above, Audible operates a no quibble returns policy, even if you finish the whole book.

Any book you do not enjoy can be returned, and within minutes your credit will be back in you account ready to spend.

The return process is simple to navigate but there is a limit to the number of times you can do this. (Audible keeps the number of times you can return a book a secret)

It is not that they put a hard limit on it, it’s just they make it slightly more complicated to return a book, maybe there is a hard limit, but I have never reached it.

4.Correct pronunciation of character and place names

the best tech gift under 50

This is a big one for me, often I find myself in conversations about books that I have read, and people refer to their favourite characters or places, and I’m left not quite understanding.

This is because I often find names difficult to pronounce, so I just make something up. I find it does not really detract from the plot as you read the book, but it makes it difficult to have conversations, I mean how do you pronounce these

Dune: Master Tylwyth Waff, the leader of the Bene Tleilax.


A Song of Ice and Fire: Xaro Xhoan Daxos, a powerful merchant prince of the great city of Qarth

With an audiobook this is no longer a problem as the narrator pronounces all the names for me, prefect!

5.Sync across all devices, never lose your place

I was going to explain how whispersync works but I don’t use it, I don’t like reading on a kindle, much more prefer a real book.  Bryan Collins has a great explanation on his blog

Best Digital Christmas Gift

Here’s how this works:

I use Audible for listening to audiobooks while out for a walk or run using the iPhone app.

Later that night when I pick up my Kindle Oasis, it automatically finds my place in the book in question so I can continue reading.

Then, the next morning when I open Audible before my commute, it resumes narrating from where I stopped reading on my Kindle Fire the night before. I love Audible for this seemingly simple, yet awesome feature.

Best Digital Christmas Gift

There are a few caveats.

Firstly, the book must be available on Kindle and Audible.

Secondly, I have to buy both versions to use Whispersync. (If this puts you off, Audible offers generous discounts for buying the audio versions of your Kindle books.)

Thirdly, both your Amazon account and Audible account must be in the same region e.g. Whispersync won’t work if you buy a book off the UK Amazon store and an audiobook off the US Audible store.”


What to buy for Christmas this year? Its a difficult question.


As we move toward a “digital Christmas” I can not think of a better gift, a gift that will keep on giving month after month. Listen anytime hands free, leaving you able to carry on with your day to day tasks, entertain children on long car journeys, and swap any books that you do not like.

Also a perfect gift to get someone for Christmas who doesn’t want anything. those awkward people.

One downside to audible I think I should mention is that after you have spent your credit the audio books can be a little pricey. But if you stick to your plan for 1 credit per month it is super cheap

Without doubt the best digital Christmas present for 2020, A 6 month subscription is under £50!

Audible membership

Best Digital Christmas Gift

why not check out our featured Audio book reviews, a few ideas to get your audiobook collection started going into the new year

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