The Drawing Of The Three-The Dark Tower book 2 by Steven King, Narrated by Frank Muller

The Drawing Of The Three-The Dark Tower book 2 by Steven King, Narrated by Frank Muller


In the second novel of King’s best-selling fantasy masterpiece, Roland of Gilead, the Last Gunslinger, encounters three doors which open to 1980s America. Here he joins forces with the defiant Eddie Dean and courageous, volatile Odetta Holmes. And confronts deadly serial killer Jack Mort.

As the titanic forces gather, a savage struggle between underworld evil and otherworldly enemies conspire to bring an end to Roland’s quest for the Dark Tower….

Masterfully weaving dark fantasy and icy realism, The Drawing of the Three compulsively propels listeners toward the next chapter.

And the Tower is closer….


The Drawing Of The Three is the second book in the dark tower series and where things really start to both pick up speed and get more interesting. Starting right after the first book Roland wakes up on a beach and is almost immediately attacked by a giant lobster that tears off two fingers from his right hand. That’s not his only problem though, the lobstosities are venomous and soon Roland is fighting a losing battle against infection. True to character Roland keeps going in his quest for the tower doggedly carrying on down the beach all the while getting sicker and weaker till he reaches a door standing on the beach all by itself. On the door are 2 words, The Prisoner. 

I’ll try to avoid any big spoilers about events and characters!

In this book Roland must use 3 magic doors between worlds and times to draw the three who will help him on his road to the tower. Along the way he must find a way to fight his infection, right a wrong performed by himself and avenge a wrong by another. Jumping between Rolands world and ours this book has more action than the first, more engaging characters and a faster pace. We still aren’t getting many answers about the tower, but this is where the journey really begins.

The drawing of the three is one of my favourite books (many of the tower books are) and I can always come back to it. It is narrated pretty flawlessly by Frank Muller who really brings a depth to all the characters he portrays, from the main players to the small ones. He does a great New York accent, which is important in this book. He’s a treat to listen too! 

This book brings some of my favourite characters into the world of the tower while also setting into motion events for the next book to bring two more to complete the Ka Tet. Roland is getting more human and empathetic though it is not moving the needle much. He’s still doing everything for his goal of the tower. Eddie and Odetta/Detta are both great characters in such contrasting ways and make a juxtaposition that makes for some great scenes.

Would I recommend this book? Absolutely! Go ahead and just binge the series honestly. This is an important step on the journey seeing the origin of these pivotal characters and it’s a great story on its own. It has surreal mind fucks, action set pieces, and the pacing is great. 

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