The Waste Lands- The Dark Tower Book 3 by Steven King, Narrated by Frank Muller Audiobook review

The Waste Lands- The Dark Tower Book 3 by Steven King, Narrated by Frank Muller Audiobook review


In the third novel in King’s epic fantasy masterpiece, Roland, the Last Gunslinger, is moving ever closer to the Dark Tower, which haunts his dreams and nightmares. Pursued by the Ageless Stranger, he and his friends follow the perilous path to Lud, an urban wasteland. And crossing a desert of damnation in this macabre new world, revelations begin to unfold about who – and what – is driving him forward.

A blend of riveting action and powerful drama, The Waste Lands leaves listeners breathlessly awaiting the next chapter.

And the Tower is closer….


The Waste Lands is the 3rd book in Steven King’s fantasy epic The Dark Tower. Starting a few weeks after the events of book two we find Roland teaching Suzannah and Eddie the ways of being gunslingers. Roland finds he has a joy of teaching these things and this is where he starts becoming more of a likeable person. Roland has a problem though, he is going insane! I’m about to spoil a bit of book 2 now so if you haven’t read that maybe stop now! When inhabiting the body of Jack Mort the serial killer Roland stops Jake being pushed and killed by Mort and in doing so makes a paradox that starts tearing him apart mentally. Half of his mind insists he met Jake and sacrificed him under the mountains to catch the man in black, the other half insists they never met Jake at all!


 For his part Jake is experiencing an even worse paradox, knowing he died and went to another world only to die again, and knowing he didn’t die. Jake becomes obsessed with opening doors, knowing that the right one will take him back to the world he belongs in! The good news is there IS a door to Rolands world, the bad news is it’s in a house full of “hell nah” with a side of “nope!”


The first half of the book deals with this, along with giant nuclear powered bears, learning about the path of the beam and its connection to the tower, and most importantly the rose in the vacant lot in new york!

If you can’t tell this is where the series really starts getting a bit out there, while always feeling like it’s perfectly normal in the universe of the dark tower!


The 2nd half of the book has our ka tet traveling to the great city of Lud. A city which from a distance promises civilisation looking like New York’s twin, but up close is decaying and dieing. With rival factions of equally insane zealots intent on destroying each other. Our gang has come to catch a train in the middle of this, but this is the path to the tower and catching a train is not that straightforward. No they have to catch a living, sadistic and suicidal, riddle obsessed supersonic train! Blaine the monorail, and Blaine the train is a hell of a pain. Before they can catch this potentially fatal ride though they have business to attend to in Lud. Roland in the labyrinth like tunnels below the city with the Grays, Eddie and Suzannah up top among the ruins and the god drums with the Pubes.


As with the previous book Frank Muller does an incredible job with the narration! You’ll find yourself really loathing Gasher and being well convinced you are listening to an insane megalomaniac in the Tik Tok man (dude sounds like a viral star now). As usual I can’t really fault him!


Would I recommend this book? Definitely, if you’ve made it to book 3 you’re probably hooked and in for the long haul now anyway. This book is more out there, has colourful characters both good and bad, and is really opening up the world of the tower. Our main characters are all growing closer and growing individually. The book ends on a real cliffhanger! Apparently that pissed a lot of people off back in the day and with the gap between books I kinda get it, but we don’t have to worry about that so enjoy the drama and get ready for book 4 because that is one of the best in the series!

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